Tentative Schedule – subject to change

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Embassy A-B Fri 10:00 am Welcome to Sci-fi Literature Learn about the new track and what we have to offer this year. Staff: Sue Phillips, Staff: Stephanie Souders, Staff: Sami Kirk
A707 Fri 11:30 am » Crossovers Adult SF for the discriminating teen. YA SF for the “adult” SF fan.
Embassy A-B Fri 01:00 pm High Concept There is fantasy and high fantasy. Is there high SF? Eugie FosterGene WolfeJaym Gates
Embassy A-B Fri 02:30 pm Science Fiction or Fantasy? Lines are blurring. Let’s talk definitions. Jean Marie WardPanelist: Larry Davis, Staff: Sue Phillips, Staff: Phyllis Boros
Regency V Fri 04:00 pm Pyr Rising Joel ShepherdGabrielle HarbowyPanelist: Rene Sears
Embassy A-B Fri 05:30 pm Science in Science Fiction Some writers are scientists. Some do great research. Some just write. Discuss who does it well and who just misses the mark. Tedd RobertsKevin R. GrazierSam Ortega
Embassy A-B Fri 07:00 pm The Future is Not What It Used to Be Some inventions were first envisioned by SF writers. Some inventions thought up by writers have never come to pass. Discuss. Robert J. SawyerVan Allen PlexicoTedd Roberts
Embassy A-B Fri 08:30 pm The Current State of Black SF Revisit the genre and writers of color. L. M. DavisMilton J Davis
Embassy A-B Fri 10:00 pm Polyamory in SF Heinlein’s line marriages–the many instances of polyamory in SF. Panelist: Diane Hughes

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