Tentative Schedule – subject to change

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Centennial I Sat 01:00 pm Space Opera Then, Military SF Now A comparison of the rousing space battles and epic adventures of space operas in the ’50s and modern military sci-fi. John D. RingoJean Marie Ward(M), Timothy ZahnMike ResnickMichael Z. WilliamsonJack Campbell
Embassy A-B Sat 01:00 pm Fighting for Writing When editors want something changed, how hard do writers fight to keep it…or not? Kevin J. AndersonBrad LinaweaverLaura Anne GilmanJames MinzLucienne Diver
Centennial II – III Sat 02:30 pm An Hour with Larry Niven Our literary Guest of Honor, Larry Niven, will talk about his life and works. Van Allen Plexico(M), Larry Niven
Embassy A-B Sat 04:00 pm SciFi Jeopardy! Host Van Plexico brings his knowledge of the genre to test yours. Prizes will be awarded for first, second, and third place. Van Allen Plexico
Regency V Sat 05:30 pm TOR to Come Meet the editors at TOR and find out what’s coming up from this publisher. Claire M. Eddy(M), (Diana M. Pho) ([[mem]]Ay-leen the Peacemaker), Susan Chang
Embassy A-B Sat 07:00 pm Raising the Robot Analyzes cautionary SF tales to examine of how we might and should approach our responsibilities to potential future artificial life forms. WolvenPanelist: Joseph Cadotte
Embassy A-B Sat 08:30 pm Human Wave SF With so much pessimistic SF out there, we discuss optimistic SF and why there isn’t more of it. Anya Martin(M), Panelist: Kelley S Ceccato, Panelist: Meg Nicholas, Panelist: Diane Hughes, Staff: Stephanie Souders
Embassy A-B Sat 10:00 pm New Pulp, Old Pulp Pulp fiction has been enjoying quite a resurgence recently. Bobby NashAnthony TaylorVan Allen Plexico(M), Mark Maddox

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