Tentative Schedule – subject to change

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Embassy A-B Sun 10:00 am Titan, Wizard, and Demon A discussion of the SF works of John Varley. Van Allen Plexico(M), Panelist: Diane Hughes
Embassy A-B Sun 11:30 am Fandom Then and Now How fandom has changed, and how it remains the same. Kathleen O’Shea DavidWilliam C. MartinPanelist: Ron Zukowski, Panelist: Trudy Leonard, Panelist: David Logan
Regency VI – VII Sun 01:00 pm An Hour with Larry Niven Our literary guest of honor, Larry Niven, talks about his life and work. Larry NivenChris A Jackson(M)
Embassy A-B Sun 02:30 pm An Hour with Gene Wolfe Grandmaster, Hugo winner writer Gene Wolfe has led a long and varied career in the field. Gene Wolfe
Regency V Sun 02:30 pm Baen Travelling Show and Prize Patrol! Learn what is coming up and new at Baen Books. James Minz(M), Laura Haywood-CoryGray Rinehart
Embassy A-B Sun 05:30 pm Showcase: Michael Z. Williamson Author Michael Z. Williamson talks about his work, life, and probably a few pointy things. Michael Z. Williamson
Embassy A-B Sun 07:00 pm So the Future Happens…and it Sucks Dystopian sf. There’s a lot out there. We talk about the best, worst and why is there so much of it? David Macinnis GillDiana PeterfreundPanelist: Alex Hughes, Panelist: James D Young II, Panelist: Diane Hughes
Embassy A-B Sun 08:30 pm Teaching Science Fiction When science fiction is taught in schools, what should or should not be included? Are there specific concerns teachers should keep in mind? Jody Lynn NyeMika McKinnonFarah Jane MendlesohnPanelist: Kelley S Ceccato, Staff: Shawn Carter
Embassy A-B Sun 10:00 pm Showcase: S.M. Stirling March through Georgia with this well known novelist. S. M. Stirling

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