Tentative Schedule – subject to change

Check the Dragon Con app and the Daily Dragon for changes at the convention.

Embassy A-B Mon 10:00 am Time and the Novel Time travel is a staple of science fiction. We discuss the best, the worst, and the different methods. Jana OliverPanelist: Bill Ritch
Centennial I Mon 11:30 am Ask Me Anything! Bring the questions you haven’t asked yet or had forgotten about earlier. John D. RingoRobert J. SawyerTimothy ZahnVan Allen Plexico(M), Michael Z. Williamson
Embassy A-B Mon 01:00 pm Win, Lose, or Draw A perennial favorite, and yes, there will be prizes. Jean Marie Ward(M)
Embassy A-B Mon 02:30 pm How to Be an SF Scholar? Wolven
Embassy A-B Mon 04:00 pm The End Tell the track what you liked, what worked, what didn’t, what you do not want to see ever again. Staff: Sue Phillips, Staff: Stephanie Souders

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